The Precinct Today

The land now hosts ‘St Katharine’s Precinct’, a temporary community facility established by the Foundation to understand how it could expand its offering and strengthen its connections with the neighbourhood. This facility has informed the permanent community facilities within the proposed development.

Built in 2016, the Precinct hosts a range of neighbourhood facilities, including the popular Yurt Café and several shipping containers.

Together these provide spaces for activities that have successfully brought the local community and a diverse range of user groups together.

Development Partners

The Royal Foundation of St Katharine

The Royal Foundation of St Katharine (RFSK) was founded in 1147 by Queen Matilda and has served as a centre for worship, hospitality and service ever since. One of England’s oldest and longest-running charitable organisations, the Foundation returned to East London 75 years ago.

At the heart of the Foundation’s mission is the provision of a centre for retreat, reflection and prayer. Additionally, the Foundation provides overnight hospitality and conference facilities, which it is seeking to expand.

The Foundation also has a proud history of community outreach across Limehouse and beyond. The proposals for St Katharine’s Precinct are the next step in our work to expand our local offer, enabling further our community outreach and be part of the future of Limehouse.

We are working on the proposals for St Katharine’s Precinct with a carefully selected project team for breadth of relevant experience:

Acorn Property Group

Acorn are an independent development and regeneration company with substantial experience of delivering new buildings and public spaces. Acorn are working in collaboration with the Royal Foundation of St Katharine to bring forward these plans. They have strong experience of working in sensitive contexts, having completed a number of award-winning developments in Southwark. Most recently, they have completed a development for the Corporation of Trinity House alongside the Grade II listed Trinity Church Square and the Grade II listed London Session House in Borough SE1.

Matthew Lloyd Architects

Matthew Lloyd Architects (MLA) are the architects bringing forward the design of the new buildings. MLA are known for sensitive and contextual architecture. With a breadth of experience across East London, including the delivery of an extension to the existing building and the current  temporary uses for the Precinct, MLA have an in depth understanding of the local area.

Our Proposals

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