Welcome to the website for the proposed plans for the future of St Katharine’s Precinct.

Application Update

We are pleased to share that the planning application has now been submitted to Tower Hamlets Council. This has followed productive conversations with local residents and groups over a number of years, and we would like to thank those who provided their feedback for their contribution to date.

On the ‘Our Proposals’ section of this website, you can view further detail on our plans.

The full planning application material can be found by searching PA/21/02188 on Tower Hamlets Planning Portal here. Once you’ve viewed the documents, there is an option to share your feedback via comments on the portal.

What’s next? A ‘Decant Precinct’

Our first step once we have secured planning consent will be to move the Yurt Café and our current tenants into a temporary home. We have purchased the neighbouring John Scurr Centre (JSCC) from Tower Hamlets Council and have undergone an extensive program of refurbishment to bring this underused community asset back into intensive use.

More information can be found on the ‘Next Steps’ page of our website.

We continue to welcome your feedback. If you wish to discuss the proposals, please do get in touch with the project team on the contact details at the bottom of the page.


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